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Dear everyone,

I've been watchin a lot of Target Women lately, and found it very funny. I've also found Killing us softly (3), a more profound anlysis of women on the media, specially in ads. If you did not know any of these two documentaries, please go ahead and watch them: they are hilarious, intelligent and infuriating.

For instance, do you remotely feel that this ad (by Sisley -who actually makes women clothes!) could suggest she is just fast food? (notice her passivity toward being locked in a fridge, a suermarket fridge), the re-branded food (all readable brands are "fast-food") and the position of the beholder.

And, er, this one:

Not to mention the one at the top by alledgedly (there's been controversy over the fakeness of the ad) the same company (women as sick addicts for consumism, notice the makeup and look). Not enough? there's more "interesting" ads by these people here and here.

I've always been interested in reading images, but when I saw the following pics from a fashion show , I just couldn't get my head around them. I've heard of super skinny models (some say that extreme thinnes is to make them look infantile, or masculine, or minimal, quiet). But these?! These?! I understand fashion is art and at some level it may go beyond what's flattering but what do these tell you about women?

Bald, bearded (scarcely bearded, as well), skeletal, pale. Words like cancer, chemotherapy, hormons, disease, apocalypse come to mind. And at the end of the day, I do not want my jeans to remind me of any of that, do I.

What did you think? 

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