Lovely strange jewellery and I-still-don't-know-what fashion

I opened my Google Reader (which I suspect can do much more than I know) and saw a few new posts in Today and Tomorrow. The first one up was on Imme van der Haak's jewellery. Her work is Fan. Tas Tic. And I could so relate it to a recent post on Mette Klarskov Larsen. I had it all in my head, so I happily scrolled down. And the following post was on Jeremy Scott's summer 2011 fashion collection (which, by now, has been around a few blogs).

Now, I didn't know what to make of these. I already posted a similarish idea seen on a bag by LV. I do get the idea of trash and fashion. The doubt is whether the rubbishness refers to fashion (as a critique or as a joke) or to women. That's where I think this can get a bit dubious. I mean what goes inside the black bag/dress is the trash/lady. And then there are the shabby hair rollers ( a bit Gaga-esque), which I have not much against, but they still have this negative side to them. And the animal paw shoes (I've liked versions of this idea in the past, but as a combination with the other concepts... There is a meat dress somewhere in the show if you watch the video. Again, it's been done before and recently with different tones). Don't forget the message on the bag (here? Where?). Or the men's underwear.

Maybe it's all about the crisis of capitalism, of excessive consumption. A comment on recycling and global warming.

But then there's the mad-woman wedding dress. And there is where you wonder if the designer is saying women are mad to follow fashion (a statement that's becoming popular as far as I've seen in interviews with designers), or mad if they get married. Or, plainly, just mad.
I cannot make up my mind. What do you think, smart and witty and political? Or silly, offensive and diminishing?

What did you think? 

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