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You might have noticed I do not tend to write much here. You might also know I do have a text and theory section in my site for non-fiction writings. Well, now I am letting you know I am going to give creative writing a try. When I draw a hair portrait, I always write a little something for it. And long, long time ago I used to write more than draw. So here it is, Knowing she would.

This is a bit of my first story, Rice Milk.

"I woke up at night because I heard rattling noises in the kitchen. As soon as I heard them, I realized how pointlessly scared I had been the other times some random noise had woken me up. This wasn’t a poster falling off the wall, or the neighbour’s dog going for a midnight snack. There was someone in the kitchen and that was it..."

Read the rest here.
And please let me know what you think :)

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