Bodybell campaign

Bodybell is a Spanish chain of perfumery shops. Now, so far so good. As many other companies, they've decided to appeal to the solidarity of their shoppers and create a collection of t-shirts which will help a NGO dedicated to refugees. I am not going to get into this whole shopping solidarity thing, I am just going to translate what the shirts say:

-No one has erotic dreams with a "nice" person
-That your mum thinks you are hansome does not mean you are
-Love at first chat does not exist
-The pretty one envies the luck of the ugly one.... hahaha, right.

When I go in a beauty store, I hope not to feel intimidated or god forbid, uglier. I like stores that rather than selling you their most expensive lipstick and then try to tell you you need some corrector too because you look terrible; listen to what you ask for and accomodate a more wholistic need.

I might not have a sense of humour, but these sound rather offensive to me.
How do you feel about them?

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