Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

Mr. M. and I almost missed the exhibition "The House of Books has no Windows". Almost, but we didn't. And I have to say that I'm so, so terribly glad for it.

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller have "designed" this haunting exhibition, that (as far as I am concerned) deals with memories, relationships and has as well a very educated inspiration (stories by Borges, Kafka, etc.).

The use of media is just right. You find yourselves listening to old voices coming out of books, images, playing just as you pass by. You can look into a model of a cinema, and listen to what a couple are saying (the man "speaks" on your left year, the woman on your right).

It's almost Louis Bourgeois-esque: the absence, heavy in an artificial room. The time, visible somehow. Just more interactive.

I cannot describe how much I liked it, how much I savoured the sensitivity and the intelligence.

If they ever show around you, please, please go.

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