Frivolity in times of crisis

Check this multiple interview that appeared in the Guardian this Sat.

Whilst I got a bit annoyed with Starck when he single-handedly declared design dead, I could admit he's got a point. So, etsians, crafters, design-makers, designers (poor us, adapt or die), etc. have a look at this because it rings prophetically true...

Is anyone up for arguing one needs certain frivolity in awful times? I think we still need a feeling of luxury, but not necessarily in the shape of a £30000 table. Time and experiences are on the rise as valuables. A lay-in could be much more appreciated, and be just as much of a luxury.

So relax, make yourtself some loose-leaf tea and cuddle. No mohair/pashmina blanket necessary.

What did you think? 

One Response

  1. gravatar Rachel says:

    What annoyed me about Starck in that article was him first saying "We need to stop thinking about ownership. We need to look at the idea of renting rather than owning" and then going on to say "I have a sickness for buying houses. [reporter adds: He refuses to divulge how many he owns.] I don't consider that an investment; it's an addiction."

    We're supposed to take this guy seriously? (And don't get me started on those ugly plastic louis ghost chairs...)

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