Hello again! (Blast from the past...)

Dear Stranger,
loads of things happened since I last logged in blogspot ( it feels so old-school right now!).

What has life brought you?

I got a Masters degree.
Got married.
Moved countries.
Travelled quite a lot.
Became an entrepreneur for real.
And just last week spoke in front of 300 people about innovation.

I should feel worn by now but I feel... centered.

I feel like I AM HERE.

Does that make sense?
Maybe it's because I also took up meditating (and doing "painted meditations, too) ;)

Part of what I've learnt is to not open and close doors.
Before, I used to move and I'd become a whole new person, almost. I'd leave old me behind and crate new me.

But I realized that wasn't too good.
It was exhausting and infuriating.
I never felt like I was growing.

So that's what brings me here.

Long story short, Nosideup is back.

And it's a new. grown-up Nosideup.
It's a Nosideup made by an Art theorist and an Innovation consultant, not just a designer/artist.

This time the portraits aren't anonyomous, but of fabulous women that are super inspiring and I want to share with you.

In fact, this time around you get a teeny tiny fanzine telling you the story behind the image.
What do you think?
That said, you won't find me here anymore, but over here.
That's my new home.

This feels a bit like a reunion doesn't it?
Sit down, grab a drink, and tell me what you've been up to by sending me an email here.

Stay awesome,

PS: Want 15% off? just use the coupon Nosidegram15 before the 10th of March of 2015.

What did you think? 

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