Bag help!

Dear everyone,
i am on a mission to get the best quality, organic and handmade possible bags for my next round. Now, that might mean that I have to pick just one drawing ( to begin with!).
So, could you please help me pick one?
There is a poll in the Nosideup facebook page and you can also leave a comment here!


Hello again! News about the shop.

Dear everyone (if there is still someone out there!)
How is 2011 treating you?
I hope your year is being as delightful as mine is being.
I am back for a reason.
I have had a lot of time to think and to re-think and then think a bit more.
The shop has been closed for about three months although I've been able to keep up with messages left here and there.
I am here to announce that the shop will be open again from the 15th of March. But. There is always a but. Unless I change my mind, I'll re-open the shop only to close it perpetually before summer. I would expect a similar course of events for this blog as well.
I am so, so thankful for everything Nosideup has brought to my life, for all the people I've met in the way, and for all the things I've learnt. It's been nothing but positive and extraordinary.
Nonetheless, I feel thet it is time for me to move on to new things, which would not flourish under the Nosideup brand, neither would it allow me enough time to make them progress, like Les Ulldes.
I'll sell the Ladies prints, but there will be no new models, I'll re-stock the postcards and I'll possibly print a few more totes for those that did not manage to get one the first time.
I am hoping this last go at Nosideup will be as fantastic as it trajectory. And i'll be delighted if you decide to join me in this adventure one last time!

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