It's my birthday today (yep, I'm a day younger than Mr. M). It has started with an extra, extra early shift at the jop (day job), with a massive delivery and just two people to sort it out. It has resulted in the shop opening more than two hours late. I was so tired I've cut myself repeatedly (accidentally, we work with sharp boxes and papers and knives), and even bumped my head harshly against a table edge (accidentally, too). I breathed in, finished my shift and got home, where I made myself some tea. And I've spilled the boiled water over my hand. I therefore decided I would ignore today and postpone my birthday until my next free day. But as I logged in I found loads of birthday wishes on my Facebook. I am far away from lots of people, and I'm terrible at birthdays myself, but it's made my day. They don't read the blog, neither do the girls i work with. But thanks, all of you, for making an awful day better.

What did you think? 

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  1. Rushing, and pushing and planing on a fixed date to land on the right day, is sometimes not the right moment.
    Take a moment. Breathe it out...slowly. In through the nose, slowly, and out through the mouth...very, very letting out the air from a balloon.

    My 15th wedding anniversary was spent at the kitchen table, sharing a simple salad, and trying to take the pressure off my husband who was just not up for the challenge. Another day, another way...
    Funny thing was the week before we were practically swing from the chandelier, so I took it as that. The entire previous week was our unexpected celebration. We made no other pleasing other peoples expectations.
    I had never planned on being married, I planned on being a Runway. The fact that I stayed long enough to share a simple salad for supper, so many years later...this is life; real life.

    From here to next year, every day can be your Birthday. Make it a good day, everyday.
    Be well. Do good. All ways. TERI ;)

  2. gravatar Anonymous says:

    Hi there - I found your blog via the comment you left me. Just wanted to wish you a belated happy bday for the 30th!

  3. gravatar coconutlove says:

    My dearest,

    I do read your blog because more often than not it makes my day. Specially under these grey clouds and siberian winds that are going on in madrid at the moment.

    el cielo esta encapotado.
    quien lo desencapotara
    el desencapotador que lo desencapote
    buen desencapotador será

    you are my desencapotadora.

    besos a oxford


  4. gravatar MGU says:

    Thanks you all. You're lovely!

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